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2018 by Alem Tea.


Boutique Tea House in the heart of Brunswick, serving aesthetic tea experiences.
Come and visit the first tea house of its kind. 

We serve personally curated teas where you can enjoy a whole aesthetic experience appealing to all your senses. Smoke infusions, mini food pairings, iced infusions, natural bubble teas and much more! 

Opening Hours:
 Currently closed until further notice. 

Alem Tea House 
17 Sparta Place, Brunswick, VIC 3056.

Free 1.5 hour parking on Tripovich Street. 
Tram 19, Stop 24 or 25 right outside. 
Short walk from Brunswick Station.


tea menu

Pot of Tea   $5

Any of our 38 blends of tea served in a pot. 

 One pot per person serves multiple cups.

Natural Bubble Tea   $6

Black tea, soy milk and natural fruity flavour served with agar popping pearls. 

Strawberry  |  Lychee  |  Passionfruit

Iced Tea   $5

Natural iced teas in selected blends. 
Ask us for our daily specials.

Tasting Board   $6

Selection of any three blends to try.

Blooming Flower Teas   $8

Any of our flowering teas served to bloom. 
Brews multiple cups of tea if you're up for it!

tea experiences

served hot


Masala Chai   $8

Blended and brewed to order with fresh milk. Made as the true and traditional way of chai. 


Smoky Rose Chai   $8

Our Royal Rose Chai blend served with a  smoked glass. Truly delicious and theatrical.


Choc Mint   $9

Choc Mint tea as a latte served with shaved
chocolate and a mint slice cookie.


Chocolate Tea Fondue   $10

Strawberry Kisses tea served with your own
melted chocolate fondue and fresh strawberries.


Jasmine Pearls   $7

Hand rolled jasmine green tea pearls in a bowl. Watch it uncurl and sip its delicate tea.


French Earl Grey    $8
French Earl Grey served with a bergamot scented mug and a couple of lemon & poppy cookies.

served iced


Tea Magic   $8
Iced Tea Magic blend served with a syringe of lemon juice to add and watch the colour changing magic unfold.  Fruity and refreshing iced tea.


Cloudy Tea   $7

Iced and milky tea infusion which brings the blue skies and clouds to your glass. Delicious herbal tea and milk infusion.


Iced Golden Sunset   $7

Turmeric chai blend served as an iced latte.
Refreshing, healthy and truly golden.


Pina Colada   $8

Pineapple, coconut and Pina Colada iced tea. Stunning mocktail tea infusion that tastes as good as it looks!

Kindly request soy or almond milk alternatives for free.